Quebec Skilled Worker

If you are ready to make Montreal or any other part of Quebec province as your destination to Canada, you can be eligible for very lucrative Quebec Skilled worker program. This program has following unique features than its federal counterpart.

  1. You should be willing to learn French language.
  2. Quebec selects the candidate and issue a selection certificate (CSQ) and Citizenship and Immigration Canada facilitate medical, security check and issuance of visa.
  3. It has different qualifying requirements for married and un-married applicant. Hence, un-married applicant is not at any disadvantage as in federal system.
  4. Quebec qualifying criteria are more discretionary then Federal counterpart
  5. Processing time is usually, very low in comparison to Federal one
  6. Montreal is approximately 6 hours drive from Toronto and is a second highest recipient from total immigrants to Canada because of its beauty, low cost of living, decent living standard, excellent social programs, and friendly francophone society.

Immigration Process

  1. You have to apply for CSQ to Quebec Immigration office covering your territory. For India, it is Damascus (Syria). Quebec Immigration officers come to New Delhi to interview the applicant.
  2. If CSQ is granted, application for permanent residence must be made to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
  3. If you decide to go Quebec for further study, you have unique advantage to apply for PR while your study and processing time is as low as 5 months

How we can help?

Our president, Mr. Rakesh Shah has up to date knowledge of Quebec regulations and its interpretation. While his presence in Canada, he keeps constant contact with MRCI offices in Montreal, for practical interpretation of regulation by the visa officer and are in the best position to assist the potential applicants to guide them through the process of PR to Quebec. This is one of the most favorite programs of Mr. Shah, and it attracts many clients because of its faster processing and discretionary nature. Many a times a client who does not qualify in a Federal skilled worker program can easily prepare him/herĀ for acceptance in Quebec program and that too with less time.

Mr. Rakesh Shah has an expertise and experience to provide a customized solution for each individual client that can get them PR in Quebec as early as within 5 months.

After assessing the credential of potential applicant, Mr. Shah will suggest some upgrade that can have positive effect on immigration qualification in Quebec program. Personal interview is a very vital part of Quebec Immigration process. We will prepare our client for the proposed interview, by written materials, over the phone or in person.

If you are truly willing to steal couple of years from the PR process and learn French, you should contact us. We assure you that your consultation with us will definitely change your perspective of Canadian Immigration process.

Federal Skilled Worker Quebec Skilled Worker

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  Mr Rakesh Shah
  Member : ICCRC
  Quebec Registry of immigration Consultant
  President / Sr. Consultant / Commissiner of Oath


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