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Working in Canada

Pursuant to Canadian Immigration laws, generally, a foreign national may not take employment in Canada without valid work permit.

In many but not all instances, a Work Permit is required and will only be issued after an Immigration Officer at overseas visa post after HRSDC (Human Resources Development Canada), approves the offer of employment.


HRSDC takes into consideration following points before issuance of validation

  1. Whether the prospective employer has made reasonable efforts to hire a Canadian
  2. Whether the wages and working condition offered are sufficient to attract and retain a Canadian in an employment

Once HRSDC approves the offer, it sends the approval to the overseas Visa Post for the country of applicant. Applicant may be asked to go to an interview and/or undergo medical examination. If the foreign national meets all the requirements and has all the necessary documents, he/she will receive a work permit.

It would be clearly stated in the work permit who will be the employer, what capacity an applicant is going work and how long.

How we can help?

If you have any specific skill which in demand in Canada, we can find a suitable employer for you and work until your work permit been issued.


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